Sequential Self: Female, Non-Binary, Trans, and Queer Voices in Comics and Zines

Sequential Self: Female, Non-Binary, Trans, and Queer Voices in Comics and Zines is an exhibition focusing on underrepresented artists in the genre of comics and zines. Though not new to the comics genre, Female, Non-Binary, Trans, and Queer voices have existed at the margins, while predominantly cis white male voices and characters were the focus of mainstream comics. With the recent growth in diversity among comic artists and creators, there is an accompanying growth in stories reflecting a variety of experiences, voices, and identities. This exhibition illuminates some of the powerful voices and innovative stories in our contemporary age of comics.

As proven by recent national exhibitions devoted solely to the genre, comics are a medium in their own right. While the superhero genre still dominates the walls of most commercial comic book shops, there is a developing demand in stories that are more reflective of their readership. Driven by new and diverse audiences, more comic book shops and bookstores are carrying works by emerging cartoonists and comic authors producing unique stories. Sequential Self displays a small sampling of the great work made by these diverse creators.

Much of the work that exists outside of the big name comic publishers feature personal storylines, often autobiographical, and sometimes closely linked to the artist’s identity or intimate life. The eleven creators presented in Sequential Self wrestle with concepts that including friendship, war, coming of age, queer experience, racial tensions, and online dating. These stories tend to move away from grandiose fictitious scenarios, to more realistic ones grounded in personal experiences.

Included in Sequential Self are works by Sophie Campbell, KD Diamond, Robin Elan and L.M. Zoller, Melanie Gillman, Sarah Glidden, Erika Moen, Erin Nations, Molly Roth, and Christine Suggs. Sequential Self is curated by Eastfield Gallery Director, Iris Bechtol, and TCU Gallery Manager, Lynné Bowman Cravens.