​Hand stitched inkjet printed fabric
86 x 62 x 25 inches

Scrutinize addresses the pressure felt to continually fit into stereotypical female roles.  As I move through life, I am constantly confronted by these roles and questioned about how I fit into them.  My own feelings make me analyze expectations society has of me, but I also question my reluctance to conform to them.  Through the use of my own eyes, I examine these expectations for myself; but also for the women around me.  I take on the role of evaluator to explore these emotions and discover the conflict in my own reactions.

Scrutinize is a large fabric wall hanging that measures approximately eight feet tall by six feet wide.  The piece drapes on the wall, with the top portion pulling away slightly to loom over the viewer.  The surface of Scrutinize was created by folding the fabric into an origami pattern, similar to the process seen in the series Self-Portrait Origami Tessellations

The tessellated pattern on the surface of the piece builds on the complex nature of anxiety.  The surface of the piece is covered with thousands of images of my eyes, confronting and staring at the viewer.