Lynné Bowman Cravens
​​​Cora Stafford Gallery, ​​Denton, TX
​​​February 17 - 20, 2015

The exhibition, Vessel, focuses on the body.  Through meticulous physical distortions and transdisciplinary techniques Cravens created photographic pieces that address her personal experiences, identity, and physical form.  Vessel is autobiographical in nature.  Each piece in the exhibition explores identity through the body.  While each piece in the show addresses different experiences and emotions, the overall exhibition showcases the many complexities present in a single individual.

The word vessel has many connotations, however in its most broad definition it means a container.  The word vessel carries subtexts that are more evocative than a plain container.  For Cravens the title of the exhibition is not only referencing the physical form; but the body as a vessel for the mind, experiences, and memories. The body becomes more than just a container; it becomes sacred.  The exhibition, Vessel, presents Cravens’ life and experiences through visualizations and interpretations of her body.