Custom printed sheer fabric, snaps, webbing, and metal frame

13 x 10 x 10 feet 


Canopy explores tropical landscapes and foliage, focusing on the immersive experience of being engulfed in such dense environments.  This piece presents recollections of thick air and entangled jungle species, against the backdrop of the Chihuahuan Desert. Canopy is a site-specific installation, created in contrast to the West Texas landscape of Marfa.

Imagery of the Panamanian rainforest is printed onto sheer fabric, displayed on a metal frame, creating an oasis in the desert landscape. This new space invites viewers to immerse themselves into a lush jungle setting, escaping the arid climate of Marfa. However the sheer quality of the fabric, layers the canopy of the rainforest onto the surrounding desert, bringing the viewer back to their present location. The two landscapes sit side-by-side, bouncing between foliage and dirt, dust and rain. The exquisitely lush surroundings of the rainforest, juxtaposed against the dry Texas desert, provoke us to consider relationships between the land, fauna, flora, and self.